Who Am I ?

My Mission

My passion for environmental science, wildlife conservation, and animal cruelty issues started way back in 1992 when my best friend and I founded SCAAR: Students Concerned About Animal Rights in our high school. 

Since then, my research career has spanned from working in an environmental laboratory where my compostable bioplastics research was published in Mother Earth News magazine, to designing plant-based videos using scientific journals for Dr. Greger’s nutritionfacts.org. Over the years one thing has remained consistent — my enthusiasm for educating and spreading awareness using photography and video.

In July of 2018 I rented a storage unit, let go of my Portland, Maine apartment, and started traveling in my modest little camper van. What had begun as a three month road trip visiting National Parks and Seashores turned into a full-time lifestyle. I now use photojournalism to share stories of conservation and climate change from some of the hardest hit parts of our country.

Inspired by the resilient, wondrous beauty of nature and the wildlife residing therein, I have several exciting projects underway. I look forward to sharing them with you. Stay tuned!

Gretchen Kay Stuart Grand Canyon
1992 Year Book Photo Amanda and Gretchen